Instructor: Suzanne Chen

About Suzanne Chen:


Suzanne Chen is a Certified TAI CHI & QiGong Instructor at Tampa JCC (North) on the Cohn Campus. She has been studying & practicing TAI CHI & QiGong since 2005. After hundreds of hours of detailed Instructor Training, she became a Certified Instructor in 2013, and has been the master TAI CHI & Qi Gong Instructor at Tampa JCC since 2016. (Suzanne is also specially trained in Parkinson’s Disorder and teaches Parkinson’s TAI CHI at Tampa JCC (North) every Friday to Parkinson’s participants who just love her classes).


Suzanne is a very dedicated & caring Instructor who goes the extra mile to personally help her students improve their Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Strength, Breathing, and so much more with her TAI CHI & QiGong Classes, which offer so many Health Benefits in all areas.

About TAI CHI & QiGong:


TAI CHI is an ancient Chinese tradition that today is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. It involves a series of Non-Contact sequential movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. Tai Chi can improve Balance significantly, along with Flexibility, Coordination and Strength without any strain to the joints! The benefits are tremendous in all areas of the mind & body and it is adaptable for all ages and health conditions    “Research shows TAI CHI may be especially effective at reducing the risk of falling. One study from the Oregon Research Institute found that  doing TAI CHI three (3) times per week can Improve Balance and Reduce Risk for Falling by as much as 55 percent (55%)”!!!! 



QiGong  (the predecessor of Tai Chi) involves different gentle easy repetitive exercise movements, coordinated with breathing for improving Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Strength, Mood, Focus, Inner Peace, and overall health. All levels welcome.

>> The Health Benefits of doing gentle flowing TAI CHI & QiGong exercises generally include Lower Blood Pressure, Lower Heart-Rate, lower Anxiety & Depression, helps Arthritis & lubricates the joints, helps build Bone Density, Strengthens the Bones-Ligaments-Tendons-Muscles, Improves Blood flow & Circulation for a Healthier Heart, Creates greater Oxygen flow & Breathing, Improves Mood, Increases Calmness, Calms the Nervous System, Improves Memory and helps build  Neuro-pathways in the Brain, Improves Concentration & Focus, Improves Sleep,  & possibly increases Longevity.  The exercises can be done by most at any age and can be adapted for various health conditions.

>> For Greater Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Strength, Breathing, Focus, Mood, and Calmness, join Instructor Suzanne Chen for TAI CHI & QiGong Classes every Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 12:30-1:30 pm in Karpay Room at Tampa JCC (North), Cohn Campus on Gunn Hwy in Citrus Park.  QiGong is Wednesdays & Traditional Yang-style TAI CHI is on Mondays & Fridays.  (Parkinson’s TAI CHI is only on Fridays, 1:30-2:30 pm).