J Care

J Care is a safe place to leave you children while you exercise. Members using the fitness center have priority, but J Care is open to all.

Playroom Guidelines:

All parents must be on campus when your child or children are in the playroom. Babysitting services are available in our playroom to members who are working out in our fitness facility on campus. Babysitting is available to children ages three months to six years old. Babysitting is free of charge to members. There is a 90 minute time limit for care.

Check in/sign out procedures 

  • Show your membership badge to the playroom attendant 
  • Sign in, including arrival time 
  • Fill out Emergency Medical Form for our files 
  • Provide labeled items (blanket, toy, snack, etc.) 
  • Confirm pick up time before you leave your child 
  • Sign out, including departure time



We permit the following snacks in the playroom: bananas, cheerios, goldfish crackers, pretzels, and crackers (please no peanut products)
Please DO NOT send any other snacks. 
Please be sure to label drinks and sippy cups.


Parents are responsible for all diaper changes. All diapers MUST be changed in the ladies restroom due to sanitary regulations.


To keep everyone healthy, please refrain from leaving a sick child in our care.



In order for the JCC on the Cohn Campus to provide the safest environment for your children, our caregiver ratio will be as follows:

  • One caregiver for 1-6 children; Two caregivers for 7-10 children 
  • Space is available in the playroom on a first-come first serve basis. 
  • When our limit is reached we will put you on a waiting list.
  • You may call ahead to see what the availability is (playroom 264-9000 ext. 4805). 
  • There are no guarantees or reservations.



Time limit 

1.5 consecutive hours maximum

Age of children 3 months to 6 years

Please contact us to make a reservation at 813-264-9000 or e-mail membership@jccCohnCampus.com