Virtually Yours Edition 21 | September 21 – October 4

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Virtually Yours: Arts + Culture with Brandy from the Tampa JCCs & Federation


Welcome to our Arts + Culture virtual series. The events will be unique in genre and artistic category and will embrace a Jewish lens. Bi-weekly on Mondays, you will receive a comprehensive virtual line-up of cultural happenings and opportunities. The information delivered will come via our A + C newsletter and by direct e-mail. You will also be able to find the details Shalom Tampa.

Watch audience choice award movies, learn about works of art, create our own masterpieces, discuss award-winning literature, try out celebrity chef recipes and engage in all things on and off Broadway!


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Movie Madness


Fall Spotlight Short Film Program #5



Drama Germany (2009) 14 minutes | German w/English Sub

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Germany 1942: In order to protect her son Marianne Meißner tried to make him believe that the Jewish neighbors are going on a journey to “Toyland”. One morning her son has disappeared - the Jewish neighbors too. Toyland is a film about guilt, responsibility, small and big lies. 



Documentary USA (2015) 15minutes | English

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The closing of the The Cafe Edison (aka The Polish Tea Room) is not just a story about another famous show business haunt shutting its doors - which it is, big time - it is an American Dream-come-true story about a multi-generational, big-hearted, mom-and-pop family business that is tragically and pre-maturely coming to an end.




Drama Canada (2014) 10 minutes | English

Direct Link to film: https://vimeocom/109357789

Joyce, a 30 years old home-care provider is struggling to keep her work-life balance in our fast-paced modern life. The young professional woman learns that there is a price to pay for our choices.



Drama USA (2014) 23 minutes | English

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A young Jewish girl and her family escape the ghetto and seek refuge in the forest. Struggling to survive, their horror is compounded by what may be the girl's ultimate demise. Can she be saved by a spiritual force more powerful than we can imagine?



Drama Israel (2015) 9 minutes | Hebrew w/English Sub

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Lily, a teacher in her Sabbatical year, living on a Kibbutz. She is having hard time adjusting to her year off while life at school goes on without her. Her attempt at finding something else to do, at all costs, brings her to an unexpected showdown.



Drama Israel (2004) 13 minutes | Hebrew with English Subtitles

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Mohamad, a Palestinian child from the old city of Jerusalem, finds a red toy and misplaces it. The toy wanders around the alleys of the city, handed from one person to another -- between rulers and subjects, strangers and locals, while the police surveillance cameras are watching from above. 



Animated Comedy | Australia (2005) 20 minutes | English

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An award-winning neon re-animation that's screened in film festivals worldwide...and tells the story of an unlucky-in-love guy who's helped to find love by a 90 year old Jewish pensioner. In brilliant neonism.



Comedy USA (2011) 5 minutes | English

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Clips -- Jackie Mason -- A Jew at the Restaurant

Clips from - the world according to me!

Funny, joke, humor, laugh, hilarious laughing



Documentary Canada (2015) 45 minutes | English

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What happens when a rabbinical matchmaker, a Hasidic couple and a single, explore the precise meaning of humanity's most powerful word? Using downright silliness, Kosher Love reveals that we're all the same in our search for love.




COMEDY USA (2010) 7 minutes | English

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Culture and confusion meet on a Brooklyn Street, in this hilariously charming reconstruction of a Borscht Belt joke.



Drama USA(2015) 38 minutes | English

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This film is a beautiful and powerful story about a young orthodox Jewish boxer and his struggle to victory over hate and oppression in his local inner-city neighborhood. The main character digs deep within himself, and his faith, for incredible physical and emotional strength. In the end, due to his selflessness, he overcomes the odds to achieve unity and peace. 



Drama USA (2015) 15 minutes | English

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A Jewish Israeli man goes to an Arab village to seek revenge for the murder of his son by a terrorist bomb, but he finds a baby in the road where he meets a young, troubled Muslim woman with a secret of her own. Two people from different worlds meet in a life-changing chance encounter. This dramatic film explores themes of life and death, motherhood, fatherhood, abortion, mourning, anger, revenge, reconciliation, peace, choice and forgiveness. 



Drama Israel (2015) 10 minutes | Hebrew w/ English Subtitles

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This is a story of a child caught in a custody trial. The 10-years-old collaborated with the judge in order to teach his mom and dad what parental responsibility is all about. In a family court, a child's fate must be decided. But when parents and lawyers are boldly self-centered, the child himself must be the one to judge.



Drama USA (2010) 3 minutes | English

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Competition-winning short about a boy who saves a young Jewish girl from SS officers and the lasting impression this leaves on them both. 



Documentary UK (2016) 24 minutes | English

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These are the men and women who saw it all. Extraordinary, powerful first-hand accounts of the Second World War. Tales from Auschwitz, Special Operations, war correspondents, resistance fighters and the Jewish Brigade reveal personal experiences of war that shatter all illusions.




Books & Conversations


FREE Community Book Discussion

Thursday, October 1 @ 7:00 PM

The Library Book by Susan Orlean

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 858 0951 0336

Passcode: 018612


On the morning of April 29, 1986, a fire alarm sounded in the Los Angeles Public Library. As the moments passed, the patrons and staff who had been cleared out of the building realized this was not the usual fire alarm. As one fireman recounted, “Once that first stack got going, it was ‘Goodbye, Charlie.’” The fire was disastrous: it reached 2000 degrees and burned for more than seven hours. By the time it was extinguished, it had consumed four hundred thousand books and damaged seven hundred thousand more. Investigators descended on the scene, but more than thirty years later, the mystery remains: Did someone purposefully set fire to the library—and if so, who?


JCC Literary Consortium Author Events


W | Sept 23 | 8:00 PM EST

JODI PICOULT, The Book of Two Ways: A Novel

In Conversation with Judy Blume

ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A

Tickets: $36 includes one copy of The Book of Two Ways Includes shipping.




From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things and A Spark of Light comes a riveting novel about the choices that alter the course of our lives. Everything changes in a single moment for Dawn Edelstein. She’s on a plane when the flight attendant makes an announcement: Prepare for a crash landing. Thoughts flash through her mind. The shocking thing is, the thoughts are not of her husband but of a man she last saw 15 years ago: Wyatt Armstrong.



W | Sept 30 | 8:00 PM EST

DEEPAK CHOPRA, Total Meditation: Practices In Living the Awakened Life With guest host Nadia Bilchik, CNN Editorial Producer

ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A

Tickets: $31 includes one signed copy of book includes shipping



“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there.” For the last thirty years, Deepak Chopra has been at the forefront of the meditation revolution in the West. His new book Total Meditation offers a complete exploration and reinterpretation of the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual benefits that this practice can bring. “Stop. Take three deep breaths and smile everywhere in your body, observing what’s happening in your body.




Sunday, October 4 | 3:30 PM

Jam with Jamie!

Join in for an interactive musical journey!

Warm up those dancing feet, move and groove through prop play, freeze dance and sing along. Dynamic, engaging, and most of all FUN - we will sing classic children's songs, rock n'roll oldies and pop favorites. Begin with a Musical scavenger hunt activity to collect household props and instruments to bring for the party! 30 minutes

Zoom ID: 767 760 3851

Passcode: PJPALS2020



Friday, September 25 | 3:30 PM

Share a Shabbat!

PJ friends will go on a guided tour in search for “something special to share” and then engage in our favorite Shabbat songs during this 30-minute interactive play date!

Zoom ID: 767 760 3851

Passcode: PJPALS2020


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