• JCC Camps of North America Flagpole Series

    Let’s sing and rally our camp communities on Wednesday, May 13 at 7PM Central. The weekly Flagpole series is hosted by nationally touring Jewish artist @Rick Recht, featuring inspiring news from JCC Camp community leaders, directors, counselors, campers and alumni and many touring artists.

  • Monday Meditation with Suzanne Chen

    This guided meditation is the perfect way to welcome peace, balance, and joy into your life especially during uncertain times like the current COVID19 pandemic. Through the simple act of reconnecting with your inner self, this guided meditation is perfect for anyone that is needing some positivity and calm during these uncertain times.

  • Les Mills Virtual Classes | Fitness Classes

    To access the Les Mills at-home workouts, click the link below. Once you are on the landing page, scroll down to see the first set of videos. To access more by category, click on the “click here for more button.” This will show you the options by category. Select the workout that you want to do, and get to work

  • Virtual Parkinson's Classes

    If you are interested in participating in our virtual Parkinson's classes please contact Pnina Levermore for more information about times and classes.

Welcome to the Tampa Jewish Community Center

on the Maureen and Douglas Cohn Campus

Tampa Jewish Community Center is the heart of a vibrant, harmonious, and connected community that embraces everyone.

We provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for community gathering and activities. We reach out to encompass all Jewish constituencies and we are the first stop for newcomers.

We support and build our connection with Israel and world Jewry.

We provide a work environment that recognizes and rewards excellence in staff and volunteers.